"Men build too many walls and not enough bridges”.

(Isaac Newton)

         At first established to come in assistance to people having difficulty drafting a mail or committing administrative procedures, our association is very fast view invested with new privileges concerning the defense of the people in the face of a heavy and pernickety administration, in the face of abuses of weakness of the elderly subject to numerous swindles, to the problems of the more and more marginalized young people. The association saw itself, therefore, to confirm the level of poverty in which is relegated


        Not claiming to be able being able to settle everything to her alone, far from it, our united association, was repeatedly made, the echo of difficult situations and worked of sound better, as relay, so that institutions are led to play really the role which is devolved to them.
Many helped people expressed us their satisfaction as for the brought support and as for the quality of the service provided. This can only incite us to continue along this path …

Among the members of the association represent people, who due to their professional, current or previous activities, of their past or present commitments in social, occupational and associative groups or still as former local elected representatives, possess the required skills


        She(It) substitutes itself in no way for the existing structures (municipal, departmental or regional).

Consisted only of voluntary members, the association has not for vocation to act in a lucrative purpose. So, the services(departments) which she proposes are completely free. 
However, she can appeal to the public generosity to finance her functioning which has necessarily a cost (freshly of telephone, computer, mails, travels(movements), etc.).
In the same way as the other municipal associations, she(it) will request one or several municipalities on which she(it) intervenes, as well as the bodies to obtain subsidies. 

She(It) will also accept the gifts(donations) which could be bequeathed to him(her) as encouragement, either by a third person, or by a grouping, without

        Generally speaking, every file(case) is followed by two members of the association, the exception made by files(cases) relative to the crime of the minors(miners), who are the fact of the only conciliator or her assistant with the Juvenile court.
Every participant(speaker) has to present his membership card with photo at the request of the person who requests the help(assistant) of the association.

The logo of the association is an ant on an oak-leaf, which symbolizes to them two:
The work; the method, the organization; the solidarity; the strength; the longevity; the wisdom.

The office(desk) 2017-2018 decomposes as follows:



Dominique DENOEUD

06 60 62 79 73

1st Vice-president and Spokesman:


06 35 40 56 27

02 98 99 63 90


2nd Vice-president:




Catherine LAMBERT

06 03 52 29 91

02 98 99 63 90


Assistant secretary:

Viviane BIHAN



Patrice BIHAN


Assistant treasurer:






Webmaster, Assistant secretary Person in charge loaded the computing:







It is at the price of permanent and almost daily actions that our "volunteers", our "people resources"are led to help the most weakened. In the face of a generative company of disparities and rejection of the most low, let us do so that their action is pursued and amplified.
Daniel Lambert Porte-parole of the association

                                                                                                                                       Printed by ourselves(by our care)          




Association 1901 creates May 02nd, 2014, and registered(recorded) to the sub-Prefecture of CHATEAULIN on May 21st, 2014 N W 292003873.