Since its creation, on May 02nd, 2014, the association educated 44 files(cases) (that is an average being situated between 6 to 7 files(cases) a month), distributed on 18 localities. The latter are the following ones:

Berrien3 Files6,82%
Botmeur1 File2,27%
Brennilis6 Files13,67%
Brest1 File2,27%
Carhaix1 File2,27%
Commana1 File2,27%
Guiclan1 File2,27%
Huelgoat4 Files9,09%
La Feuillée16 Files36,36%
Landivisiau1 File2,27%
Loqueffret1 File2,27%
Morlaix1 File2,27%
Plounéour-Menez2 Files4,55%
Plonevez du Faou1 File2,27%
Plouyé1 File2,27%
Pontivy1 File2,27%
Quimper1 File2,27%
Saint - Thégonnec1 File2,27%
Or44 Files100%

On December 1st, 2014, on 44 educated files(cases):

           - 28 were enclosed, or 63.64 %

           - 16 were under process or in phase of finalization or 36.36 %.

Let us note in the passage, that account held by the complexity and by the number of steps(initiatives) to be made, certain "heavy" files(cases) are finalized only in the term of several months, sometimes between three and six months.

Also let us note that enclosed files(cases) can be resumed(taken back) if the current event requires(demands) him(it).

Localities concerned to these 16 not finalized files(cases) are the following ones :

Berrien3 Files18,75%%
La Feuillée5 Files31,25%
Plouneour-Menez1 File6,25%
Plonévez du Faou1 File6,25%
Pontivy1 File6,25%
Quimper1 File6,25%
Saint Thégonnec1 File6,25%
SOIT16 Files36,36%

 Localities concerned to these 16 not finalized files(cases) are the following ones: 


 - Women: 7 people34,84%%
 - Men(People):12 people63,16%
 - Or 19 people100%

That by age bracket becomes established as follows:

 - 0 à 20 The years



 - 21 à 30 The years

 2 people


 - 31 à 40 The years

 1 people 


 - 41 à 50 The years

 4 people


 - 51 à 60 The years

 2 people


 - 61 The years and more

 10 people



 19 people




Association 1901 creates May 02nd, 2014, and registered(recorded) to the sub-Prefecture of CHATEAULIN on May 21st, 2014 N W 292003873.