Article 1. Association governed by the law of July 1st, 1901 having for title:

Article 2. This association aims at bringing a technical help to the people who feel(experience) difficulties drafting administrative or specific documents (example: elderly or disabled women) or of legal order at the level of the steps(initiatives) to be begun(undertaken). Also for the young people of any age who have school difficulties (examples: helps(assistants) in the duty, the orientation towards competent services(departments)).

Article 3. The head office is fixed at the President's:

Madam Dominique DENOEUD, Litiez, 29690 THE LEAFED.

Article 4. The duration of the association is unlimited.

Article 5. Among the members of the association, represent people who, due to their current or previous professional activities, of their commitments crossed(spent) within social and occupational groups or as former(old) elected representatives, possess the skills required to intervene.

The association refutes any political or denominational notion.

She(It) substitutes itself in no way for the existing structures (municipal, departmental, regional, etc.)

Article 6. Consisted only of voluntary members, she(it) does not have authority to act in a lucrative purpose and the services(departments) which she can bring are free.

However, as association, her can appeal to the public generosity, although no annual contribution is asked.

The association intends(hears) to request the common and various body to obtain subsidies which will allow him(her) to work.

As all other associations, she asks to benefit from loan of municipal premises(places) for free to hold her meetings and to do it, her will establish a schedule in dialogue with the municipality.

Article 7.                                          

Présidente :

Dominique DENOEUD         

06 60 62 79 73

Porte-parole et responsable communication :



06 35 40 56 27

02 98 99 63 90


Secrétaire :

Catherine LAMBERT

06 03 52 29 91

02 98 99 63 90

Secrétaire adjointe :

Viviane BIHAN

Trésorier :

Patrice BIHAN

Trésorière adjointe

Murielle BASSO

Webmaster :




Courriel :

Article 8. To be a member(part) of the association, it is necessary to adhere(subscribe) to the present statuses(statutes). He(it) will be also compulsory to respect the confidentiality of the handled files(cases) and the met people (straight ahead of reserve).

The decisions are taken with the majority of see. In case of equality of voice(vote), that of the president is dominating.

Article 9. The membership gets lost by resignation or by death(deaths).

Article 10. In case of dissolution, all of the remaining sums will be put back in the C.C.A.S. of THE LEAFED.






Association 1901 creates May 02nd, 2014, and registered(recorded) to the sub-Prefecture of CHATEAULIN on May 21st, 2014 N W 292003873.